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4th Annual Family Fun Shoot

Opportunity to learn firearm safety and to spend time with your family.

UBC is excited to host our 4th Annual UBC Family Fun Shoot! If you have already learned how to shoot or have never shot a gun but would like to learn more; this event would be a good introduction.

The afternoon will begin with instruction time that gives an overview of firearms safety, range rules, sight picture and target acquisition. .22 rifles only will be used. Make sure your guns are sighted in prior to the event. Hearing protection, safety glasses and ammo will be provided.

If you own more .22's than your family will use and you are willing to share, please indicate number on the registration sheet. Children MUST have adult supervision (parent/guardian) with them for the duration of the event and as a shooting coach for the child.

Additional events will be available for participants - tomahawk throwing, knife throwing, spear throwing, fire starting demonstrations and games. At 5:00 there will be a barbecue and prizes will be awarded (hamburgers, hotdogs, rolls, chips & water will be provided). Please bring a side dish or dessert to share. Paper products will be provided.

Space is limited to 80 shooters. Participants must be signed up prior to the event. Please contact the church office to secure a spot at this event. UBC church office 802-748-5639 M-F 8:00-4:00 or via e-mail at

Location:  Caledonia Forest and Stream Club
Contact: Ed Allen
Phone: 802-751-9723

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