How does our Facebook page work?

  • Every morning at 8:30 AM, a business will be featured alongside a giveaway of a $50 gift certificate for a goods or service.

  • The daily post will feature a collage of images of your business and products, while including a description of what you offer as a business.

  • Each post will require each Facebook fan to answer a question AND like your Facebook page to be entered for the daily drawing, while encouraging them to share with their friends for double the chance of winning.

  • Each post will be promoted on Facebook for extended reach - combined with that promotion and the encouragement to share, each post will reach a local audience of 5 - 10,000 people.

  • As the minimum amount of participation is a 3 month buy-in, your featured day of the month will vary - you could give away a prize on the 27th of this month, while giving away your next on the 10th of the next.

  • North Country Local will also offer a place for the North Country to find out about local events, as charities, nonprofits, and arts-related organizations are encouraged to send information along for posting.

  • The daily winner will be notified on the post they entered in on by messaging them and asking them to send North Country Local their mailing address. Once North Country Local has their mailing address, prizes for that week will be sent out on Friday via certified mail.

How does work?

Our website will feature “Businesses of the North Country”. On that page, each participating business on North Country Local will be featured, with a link to their website or Facebook page. The website also includes the following sections:

  • an Eateries section, including posted digital menus from participating restaurants and delis

  • a Give Back section, listing all the North Country area nonprofit and charities

  • a section detailing all Farmers Markets throughout the North Country

  • the North Country Local Calendar, listing most North Country nonprofit, charity, fundraising, or arts-related event, including sales, anniversary celebrations, open houses, and special events from participating North Country Local businesses


As a participating North Country Local business, we’ll post your events, classes, sales, workshops, Open Mics, and other special happenings, job openings, menus, etc.


Just email us at!

North Country Local

What you get?

  • Exposure to a new audience of thousands of men and women, 18 years and older, within a 25 mile radius that may not know about you.

  • A link in the post to your Facebook page and/or website to drive traffic, and dozens - if not hundreds - of new likes on your own business Facebook page.

  • An image of your business, products, or services to provide visual appeal.

  • A paragraph description of your business, with details on where to find you, along with mention of any sales or promotions you’d like to offer.

  • A spot on a beautifully-crafted website, highlighting your business.

A place for your menus in our Eateries section and sales, classes, anniversaries, special occasions posted to our North Country Local Calendar.

North Country Local

What’s required of you as a business?

What’s the cost?

  • Members are always encouraged to share products, promotions, events, sales, anniversaries, classes, etc. for your monthly post - North Country Local is a platform to get your message to thousands of people, affordably and effectively.

  • Members will receive at least one giveaway spot of their choice on North Country Local’s Facebook page per month, for a minimum of 3 months.

  • Due to how Facebook charges, North Country Local Membership is prepaid.

  • Members can purchase more than one giveaway spot per month, with price breaks happening with a weekly schedule.

  • Members can sign up for Monthly, Weekly, or Yearly plans. Minimum amount of participation is 3 months, or 3 giveaway spots.


-One giveaway spot per month at $50, for 3 months

-One gift certificate for a prize worth at least $50, for 3 giveaways

Total Investment: $150 and 3 $50 gift certificates


-One giveaway per week at $30, for 3 months, aprx. 12 giveaways

-One gift certificate for a prize worth at least $50, for 12 giveaways

-Each weekly feature on North Country Local gets a branded name (example, the “Catamount Corner” and “Monday with Mayo’s!”)

Total Investment: $360 and (12) $50 gift certificates


-Whether you sign up for the Monthly or Weekly Plan, Members receive ONE MONTH free on North Country Local (gift certificate still required)

Total Investment:

Monthly: $550 and (12) $50 gift certificates

Weekly: $1440 (48 weeks x $30) and (48) $50 gift certificates


You'll find special sections on, all with the purpose to help support and uplift the North Country!

North Country Local Eateries

Visitors to North Country Local’s website can now find menus online from different North Country Local restaurants!

Your restaurant will be featured on our page with links to both your website and Facebook page, along with images of your menus! Give North Country residents the chance to check out your offerings!

HOW MUCH? It’s FREE as long as you’re a participating North Country Local business!

Just email us your menus in .pdf, .jpg, or .png file format at and we’ll get it on the website!

North Country Local Calendar

Find arts-related, charity, fundraising, and nonprofit events in the North Country on this page! You’ll find bake sales to support local animal shelters, movies from Catamount Arts of St. Johnsbury, live concerts from the Colonial Theater of Bethlehem, live plays from local theater groups, fundraising events for local recreation departments, listings for local Farmers Markets, and so much more!

The North Country Local Calendar will be THE place people of the North Country go to for local events.


Jobs in the North Country

You'll also find pages devoted to other parts of the North Country - a page dedicated to Farmers Markets throughout the North Country, and a section devoted to listing area nonprofits and charities. Always more to come!

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