Alburrito's Mexican Restaurant - Your Home Away From Home

Alburrito’s Mexican Restaurant sits on Union Street in Littleton, NH, and if you’ve ever visited, you’ll first notice how homey and fun the restaurant is. The walls are a deep mauve color, and the restaurant is decorated in fun Mexican themes. There’s an open kitchen through which you can see your food being prepared, and you can tell from the feel of the place - whether there’s just one person sitting at the bar, or the tables are packed - that this is a place where people gather for good food, and a good time.

Alburrito’s Mexican Restaurant has been in Littleton for 12 years, and it’s owned by John Alberini. John started being passionate about food in college, when he was 19, and he started catering for people. Out of college, he continued catering along with other side jobs, and he opened up his first catering hall in Franconia when he was 21. It was a 1400 square foot dining room, with a 700 square foot kitchen, and was the first kitchen John made “state legal” in New Hampshire. He started Alburrito’s in a different location than where he is now, and was there for 4 years before moving to his current location.

John has a mission to create food that’s as fresh as possible, so the dining experience, the atmosphere, and the service all blend together for a place that’s a “home away from home” for their customers. They can cover all allergies, likes and dislikes of food, and pride themselves on the fact they’ll do anything in their power to make sure you’re satisfied. John is the first one to say the menu leans more towards the “Tex-Mex” feel, with chimichangas, nachos, and burritos, along with homemade tortillas and cooked-to-order foods that could almost be considered an artisan Tex-Mex. Their full service bar has mostly tequilas, and you’ll always find a reason to visit - whether it’s an open mic, live music, or you’re just there for “Taco Tuesday” where tacos are just two bucks!

Most customers at Alburrito’s fit into the 30-50 year old range, and he prides himself on being a local hangout, including a hangout for other employees from other area restaurants. Other employees know they can come in and relax, and enjoy some time away from their other burdens in life. John loves to see people from away, with people from Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and so on coming back for years, and John considers them locals as well, just because they’ve become regulars.


John’s favorite thing about owning a business is “just getting better at it.” The learning process includes tightening percentages, paying the bills, managing employees, serving and getting to know customers, and creating new friends and relationships. Almost every aspect of it is great, according to John. He’s the first one to admit, though, that every good thing about owning a business comes with a bad thing - for every raise he gives employees, there will be a reprimand that has to be passed out somewhere along the line also. Doing his best to keep every customer happy can be challenging, but he’s always happy to try!

Gluten sensitivity? Don’t like onions? Vegetarian or vegan? They can handle any of those! Alburrito’s is a family-owned operation, and has been for 12 years, and John is an eternal optimist - he tells his daughter all the time that if a person commits to something, they can accomplish almost anything. “I’m a white guy from Littleton, New Hampshire, and this is the first Mexican restaurant I’ve ever worked at. And I opened it!” During his first formative years, he was concentrating on mastering the art of Mexican cooking, but the years have given him opportunity to try out new things, like Mexican lasagna, always looking for the “creative edge,”, while having fun at the same time.

Coming up in the near future, John is looking forward to implementing his food truck, and putting Alburrito’s “on wheels.” Once it’s ready, he’ll be able to visit weddings, factories in the area, ski mountains, and he’s ready to make new cuisine creations inspired by the road.
And who knows? Maybe he’ll see you on there. :-)

Alburrito's Mexican Restaurant