North Country Tech Services - Your Local Titans of Tech

As technology is an ever-increasing part of our life, we’re all destined to have problems with it at some point. Owning a computer, a smartphone, a laptop, or tablet is like owning a car - at some point you’re going to need someone with more knowledge than you to take a look at it and fix its problems.

Luckily in the North Country, we have one of the best choices around: North Country Tech Services, located on Meadow Street in Littleton.

Maybe your computer won’t turn on. Maybe you’ve dropped your cell phone on the pavement more times than you can count. Maybe you’ve encountered the “infamous” blue screen of death on your business laptop. Whatever your technology needs - even if it’s just as simple as replacing a faulty battery in your smartphone - Ryan Bijolle and Mikko Phaneuf of North Country Tech Services are here to help you.

When asked what their mission is, Ryan says: “We want to provide honest and trustworthy services at affordable costs.” Right after, business partner Mikko chimes in with “In an under-served region!” And that’s truly the case - if you have problems with your computer or any other piece of technology, you often don’t know where to turn when your life comes to a screeching halt. Maybe a friend’s niece or uncle is okay with computers, but most likely this person is someone who doesn’t do this for a profession and is difficult to get in touch with. That’s why Mikko’s statement about our area being under-served is true: knowledgeable, professional, and trustworthy people who can be trusted with your technology are hard to find in the North Country.

North Country Tech Services began in October of 2013, and they started their business as most business-owners do: when they saw an opportunity and decided to act on it. Ryan has lived in Littleton his entire life, and met Mikko while working at Staples offering technology support. Having dabbled in computers all his life, he perfected his skills at Staples and took the leap with Mikko, opening their shop on Meadow Street. Mikko grew up in the Upper Valley, and, after high school, he received 4 years of IT experience in the Air Force, with a focus on electronics and communications. He sees the most valuable part of his experience as learning how to troubleshoot problems effectively. While at Staples, they both decided they wanted to be able to serve customers, under their own rules and guidelines. That was the beginning of North Country Tech Services.

While they started out offering computer and phone repair, almost three and a half years later they have expanded into offering home and business support. Services now include network solutions, backup solutions for personal and business data, WiFi support for larger businesses, security cameras, and VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone systems. They offer in-store solutions where you bring your problem to them, on-site services where they come to your problem, and if possible they’ll diagnose your issue remotely.

Like any business owners, they have “100% ownership of all the successes and all the failures within the business.” Learning to own a business is a skill, and they understand (and cherish) the fact that they’re 100% responsible for pleasing their customers. Ryan and Mikko want to run the kind of business they would want to walk into and having that philosophy provides for fulfilling work, giving them the ability to develop relationships with their clients. “We have customers right now that we’ve had since day one. If they have any sort of issue, they call us immediately. And that’s the type of business we want to run,” says Mikko. “Our customers are not just another invoice.”

“We want to provide the best possible service to our customers, and if that means adapting to their needs, that’s what it means. We’re always going to be available to help...we’re not just going to send them on their way when the problem is fixed, and now we’re gone,” says Ryan. Mikko adds “We’re going to take the call when they call back with any issues.”

You can find North Country Tech Services online at, or stop by their office on Meadow Street in Littleton.

You - and your technology - will be happy you did. :-)