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June 2019

North Country Local

May 2019

Wednesday, May 1st - Inked Again - Macayla King

Thursday, May 2nd - Littleton Studio School - Linda Blakslee

Thursday, May 2nd - Catamount Arts - Barbara Szeidler

Friday, May 3rd - TJ's Truck Stop - Diane Mae Gunnip

Saturday, May 4th - Deep Earth Arts - Amy Boutin

Sunday, May 5th - Alburrito's Mexican Restaurant - Annie Stuart

Monday, May 6th - The Maia Papaya - Molly Aldrich

Monday, May 6th - Mayo's Furniture & Flooring - Kathleen Sylvester

Tuesday, May 7th - Cherry Blossom Floral Design - Anne Mallard

Wednesday, May 8th - Littleton Food Coop - Heather Ranney

Thursday, May 9th - Burke Publick House - Kristine A. Gorham

Thursday, May 9th - Catamount Arts - Angela Blanchette

Friday, May 10th - Inn at Whitefield - Jada Williams

Saturday, May 11th - Psychic Medium Josh Simonds - Ericka Cushing Benton

Sunday, May 12th - Little Village Toy & Book Shop - Carlene Gadapee

Monday, May 13th - Fresh Salon and Day Spa - Linda Covell

Monday, May 13th - Mayo's Furniture and Flooring - Heather Schultz

Tuesday, May 14th - The Pizza Man - Cindy Roy

Wednesday, May 15th - AquaRealm Aquarium - Brandy Manning

Thursday, May 16th - Grindstone Cafe - Gail Porter

Thursday, May 16th - Catamount Arts - Janet Thorn

Friday, May 17th - Aylakai and the Broom Closet - Donna Sedgwick

Saturday, May 18th - Dalton Country Store - Shannon Moore

Sunday, May 19th - Little City Thrift Store - Anna McLaughlin

Monday, May 20th - ASH Supply Company - Lisa Smith

Monday, May 21st - Mayo's Furniture & Flooring - Karla O Speetjens Houston

Tuesday, May 21st - Chang Thai Cafe - Sandra St. Pierre

Wednesday, May 22nd - Crazy Horse Family Campground - Mary Bois

Thursday, May 23rd - Cold Mountain Cafe - Roxanne Galica

Thursday, May 23rd - Catamount Arts - Janet Thorn

Friday, May 24th - League of NH Craftsmen - Michelle DuBreuil

Saturday, May 25th - Morrison's Feed Bag - Kathy Mallard

Sunday, May 26th - Psychic Medium Josh Simonds - Brandy Johnson

Tuesday, May 28th - North Country Tech Services - Kate Orso

Wednesday, May 29th - Interiors Green - Julia Whitcomb

Thursday, May 30th - Green Mountain Books and Prints - Kelly Mulligan

Thursday, May 30th - Catamount Arts - Linda Rod

Friday, May 31st - Wayside Inn - Tracy Towle

Friday, May 31st - Wes Ward Auto Repair - Ellen Power

April 2019




Monday, April 1st

Monday, April 1st - 2:30 PM

Tuesday, April 2nd

Wednesday, April 3rd

Thursday, April 4th

Thursday, April 4th - 2:30 PM

Friday, April 5th

Saturday, April 6th

Sunday, April 7th

Monday, April 8th

Monday, April 8th - 2:30  PM

Tuesday, April 9th

Wednesday, April 10th

Thursday, April 11th

Thursday, April 11th - 2:30 PM

Friday, April 12th

Saturday, April 13th

Sunday, April 14th

Monday, April 15th

Monday, April 15th - 2:30 PM

Tuesday, April 16th

Wednesday, April 17th

Thursday, April 18th

Thursday, April 18th - 2:30 PM

Friday, April 19th

Saturday, April 20th

Sunday, April 21st

Monday, April 22nd

Monday, April 22nd - 2:30 PM

Tuesday, April 23rd

Tuesday, April 23rd - 2:30 PM

Wednesday, April 24th

Thursday, April 25th

Thursday, April 25th - 2:30 PM

Thursday, April 25th - 8:30 PM

Friday, April 26th

Saturday, April 27th

Sunday, April 28th

Sunday, April 28th - 2:30 PM

Monday, April 29th

Monday, April 29th - 2:30 PM

Tuesday, April 30th

Tuesday, April 30th - 2:30 PM

Paula Tilton

Lisa Smith

Tammy Provasi

Michael Healy

Donna Scovill

Lori Lawrie

Virginia Patenaude Allen

Daphne Roy

Debra Tuck

Donna Lamoy

Rachel Roy

Mary Ellen Young-Coathup

Kristina Barber

Doris Soucy

Shureen Metcalf

Billie Winter

Melanie Nellson

Susan Bacon Ricker

Ti'ana Croft

Robin Derrington

Courtney Dobart

Louise Boisvert Paquette

Michelle Brosseau

Jennifer Blake

James K Lang

Katie Lee

Erin Fenoff

Cynthia Rollins

Debbi Anguin

Melyssa Whitcomb

Nicholas Coulstring

Lindsay Adams

Sue Arnold Miller

Suzy Bailey Broome

Paige Wilson

Deborah McFadden Osborne

Honi Bean Barrett

Nancy Rexford Hartwell

Shannon Ebert

Melissa Burgess

Diane Poore

Joshua Casey

Melissa Driscoll

March 2019




Friday, March 1st

Saturday, March 2nd

Sunday, March 3rd

Monday, March 4th

Monday, March 4th - 2:30 PM

Tuesday, March 5th

Wednesday, March 6th

Thursday, March 7th

Thursday, March 7th - 2:30 PM

Friday, March 8th

Saturday, March 9th

Sunday, March 10th

Monday, March 11th

Monday, March 11th - 2:30 PM

Tuesday, March 12th

Tuesday, March 12th - 2:30 PM

Wednesday, March 13th

Thursday, March 14th

Thursday, March 14th - 2:30 PM

Friday, March 15th

Saturday, March 16th

Sunday, March 17th

Monday, March 18th

Monday, March 18th - 2:30 PM

Tuesday, March 19th

Wednesday, March 20th

Thursday, March 21st

Thursday, March 21st - 2:30 PM

Friday, March 22nd

Saturday, March 23rd

Sunday, March 24th

Monday, March 25th

Monday, March 25th - 2:30 PM

Tuesday, March 26th

Wednesday, March 27th

Thursday, March 28th

Thursday, March 28th - 2:30 PM

Friday, March 29th

Saturday, March 30th

Sunday, March 31st

Mark J Coy

Royden Hart Jr

Laura Mills

Norah Lewis

Beth Wyman

Stacey Tower

Carolyn D. Nicoli

Ann Bissonnette

MaryAnn Malachuk

Elizabeth Liesenfelt

Susan Davio

Jane Brickett

Lindsay Walbridge

Sherry Storella

Danielle Gochee

Justin Fournier

Jane Woodhouse

Chyrl Coe

Kerri Harrington

Kathleen Watson Byrnes

Jennifer Miller

Suzanne Routhier

Shauna Marie

Kristin Quinn

Patrick Kelley

Sarah Whittemore

Sam Lesmerises

Brenda Jean Pineo

Dana Ceccarelli

Holly Miller

Christina Cann

Ken Lyndes

Deb Taylor

Lee Chamberlain

Ashley Barbara

Thomas A. Mays

David Rice

Tiffany Champagne

Debbie Bisson

Jean Paulsen

February 2019




Friday, February 1st

Saturday, February 2nd

Sunday, February 3rd

Monday, February 4th

Monday, February 4th - 2:30 PM

Tuesday, February 5th

Wednesday, February 6th

Thursday, February 7th

Thursday, February 7th - 2:30 PM

Friday, February 8th

Saturday, February 9th

Sunday, February 10th

Monday, February 11th

Monday, February 11th - 2:30 PM

Tuesday, February 12th

Wednesday, February 13th

Thursday, February 14th

Thursday, February 14th - 2:30 PM

Friday, February 15th

Friday, February 15th - 2:30 PM

Saturday, February 16th

Sunday, February 17th

Monday, February 18th

Monday, February 18th - 2:30 PM

Tuesday, February 19th

Wednesday, February 20th

Thursday, February 21st

Thursday, February 21st - 2:30 PM

Friday, February 22nd

Saturday, February 23rd

Sunday, February 24th

Monday, February 25th

Monday, February 25th - 2:30 PM

Tuesday, February 26th

Tuesday, February 26th - 2:30 PM

Wednesday, February 27th

Wednesday, February 27th - 2:30 PM

Thursday, February 28th

Thursday, February 28th - 2:30 PM

Thursday, February 28th - 8:30 PM

Patty Wheeler

Barbara Szeidler

Scott Ashby

Maddie Packard

Kristi Beane

Ann Bissonnette

Judy Lodge

Sarah Curless

Kim Bunnell

Susan Bouchard

Kathy Ehlers

Demaris McConnell Cleverley

Charlotte Huntington

Michelle Fenoff

Paula Tilton

Alaina Cate

Deb Taylor

Kia Lynn

Beth Simon

Jennifer Huoppi

Debbi Anguin

Debora Shepple

Rachel Fay Whitehead

Christine Sheedy

Shani Billings

Mandi Theberge

Crystal Buck

Ash Stetter

Dale Brooks

Sandy Moodie

Alison Maltz

Barry Gilding

Rick Kyller

Brenda Jean Pineo

Wendy Mitchell

Tracy Towle

Patricia Nelson

Donna St Amand

Gena McCarson

Helene Schnopp

January 2019




Wednesday, January 2nd

Thursday, January 3rd

Thursday, January 3rd - 2:30 PM

Friday, January 4th

Saturday, January 5th

Sunday, January 6th

Monday, January 7th

Monday, January 7th - 2:30 PM

Tuesday, January 8th

Wednesday, January 9th

Thursday, January 10th

Thursday, January 10th - 2:30 PM

Friday, January 11th

Saturday, January 12th

Sunday, January 13th

Monday, January 14th

Monday, January 14th - 2:30 PM

Tuesday, January 15th

Wednesday, January 16th

Thursday, January 17th

Thursday, January 17th - 2:30 PM

Friday, January 18th

Saturday, January 19th

Sunday, January 20th

Monday, January 21st

Monday, January 21st - 2:30 PM

Tuesday, January 22nd

Tuesday, January 22nd - 8:30 PM

Wednesday, January 23rd

Thursday, January 24th

Thursday, January 24th - 2:30 PM

Friday, January 25th

Saturday, January 26th

Sunday, January 27th

Monday, January 28th

Monday, January 28th - 2:30 PM

Tuesday, January 29th

Tuesday, January 29th - 2:30 PM

Wednesday, January 30th

Thursday, January 31st

Thursday, January 31st - 2:30 PM

Thursday, January 31st - 8:30 PM

Deborah J McDanolds

Suzanne Routhier

Emilie Begin

Cathe Greenwood

Diane Glidden

Gail Porter

Donna Murray

Carla Gadwah

Erica Smith

Jason Ward

Michelle Rapisarda

Ann Cruddas

Michele Kudron

Judy Ramsdell

James Turzer

Kristina Blodgett

Tr RM Taylor

Tori Bastress

Elaine Roberts-Chase

Suzanna Ploss

Grace Markham

Sandra Jacobus

Paula Walling

Sarah Smith

Jerry Archibald

Nancy Young

Jen Dyne

Frank Fenoff

Katherine Samson

Lynn Thorpe

Kirsten Sultan

Maygan DeGreenia

April Rutherford

Caroline d'Anjou

Rita Laroche

Kristi Beane

Katie Rader

Joyce Varney

Elizabeth Anne Killian

Marianne Katharine

Kim Bunnell

Monique Alexander

December 2018




Saturday, December 1st

Sunday, December 2nd

Monday, December 3rd

Monday, December 3rd - 2:30 PM

Tuesday, December 4th

Wednesday, December 5th

Thursday, December 6th

Thursday, December 6th - 2:30 PM

Friday, December 7th

Saturday, December 8th

Sunday, December 9th

Monday, December 10th

Monday, December 10th - 2:30 PM

Tuesday, December 11th

Wednesday, December 12th

Thursday, December 13th

Thursday, December 13th - 2:30 PM

Friday, December 14th

Saturday, December 15th

Sunday, December 16th

Monday, December 17th

Monday, December 17th - 2:30 PM

Tuesday, December 18th

Wednesday, December 19th

Thursday, December 20th

Thursday, December 20th - 2:30 PM

Friday, December 21st

Saturday, December 22nd

Sunday, December 23rd

Monday, December 24th

Wednesday, December 26th

Wednesady, December 26th - 2:30

Thursday, December 27th

Thursday, December 27th - 8:30 PM

Friday, December 28th

Saturday, December 29th

Sunday, December 30th

Sunday, December 30th - 8:30 PM

Monday, December 31st

Monday, December 31st - 2:30 PM

Monday, December 31st - 8:30 PM

TJ's Truck Stop

Deep Earth Arts

Cherry Blossom Floral Design

Mayo's Furniture & Flooring

Fresh Salon and Day Spa

Crazy Horse Family Campground

Adair Inn

Catamount Arts

The Farmers Daughter

Jaysyn Hope

Little City Thrift Store

ASH Supply Company

Mayo's Furniture & Flooring

Littleton Studio School

Aylakai and the Broom Closet

Inked Again

Catamount Arts

AquaRealm Aquarium

Interiors Green

Little Village Toy & Book Shop

Chang Thai Cafe

Mayo's Furniture & Flooring

The Pizza Man

Grindstone Cafe

Cold Mountain Cafe

Catamount Arts

The Maia Papaya

Green Mountain Books and Prints

League of NH Craftsmen

Littleton Food Coop

North Country Tech Services

Mayo's Furniture & Flooring

Alburrito's Mexican Restaurant

Catamount Arts

Inn at Whitefield

Dalton Country Store

Burke Publick House

Wes Ward Auto Repair

Adair Inn

Mayo's Furniture & Flooring

Psychic Medium Josh Simonds

Michelle Balch Potteiger

Donabeth Harvey

CL Martin

Angela Rae Audit

Teri Lashua Dimas

Andrea Abraham

Kim Bunnell

Andrea Brochu

Melissa Newland

Erica Bragg

Judith Hutchinson

Paula Tilton

Jennie Covill

Abbie Dubreuil

Debra George

Valarie Paquette Tetreault

Marie Peiter

Robin Taylor

Dave Willis

Shelby Aubert

Mary Munn

Helen Cunningham

Henry Thomas

Rick Kyller

Cynthia Rollins

Robert Gerrish

Lillian Furbish

Kirsten Sultan

Eileen Alexander

Jamie Dutil

Vickie Poginy

Diane Northrop Dyer

Ashlee Bisson

Pauline Aldrich

Kate Lynn

Melissa Lyon

Sierra Girard

Talisa Giorgio

Jasmin LeBlanc

Marilyn Putney

Melissa Chouinard Pellerin Farmer